Onsite Pathology

Onsite Pathology

What Are Pathology Services?

Pathology is the medical speciality of determining the cause and nature of diseases. Through the testing of body tissues and fluids, such as urine and blood, pathology can assist doctors in correctly diagnosing and treating patients.

Shire Doctors and Dentists offer the convenience of an onsite pathology lab in collaboration with the 4Cyte Pathology team, operating from Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. 4Cyte Pathology is an independent Australian specialist pathology provider.

Offering onsite pathology ensures this important service is easy to access and also takes less time for patient convenience. Our pathology services offer efficient and convenient care for patients assisting with medical diagnosis and investigations. 

Pathology Services At Shire Doctors and Dentists

Pathology Services At Shire Doctors and Dentists

At Shire Doctors and Dentists, we believe that our patients deserve better care, awareness, and diagnostic understandings. To achieve this, we work with the 4Cyte Pathology team which consists of nation-leading pathology practise professionals. The team consists of blood-draw collectors and couriers to the PhDs and scientists in state-of-the-art laboratories.

Our pathology services help us in prompting investigations and analysis with testing and services including:

Pathology Services At Shire Doctors and Dentists

Does Shire Doctors and Dentists Bulk Bill Their Pathology Services?

The pathology team at Shire Doctors and Dentists believe that all Australians should have access to the best of diagnostics, regardless of individual circumstances. In this respect, we commit to bulk billing of Medicare rebatable items for pathology and other services.

Our commitment to you is that you will not pay out of pocket expenses for Medicare rebatable pathology services undertaken onsite at Shire Doctors and Dentists’ pathology division.

Our Advanced Pathology Technology

Combining the most talented people with the latest technological advancements in in-vitro diagnostics eventuates better outcomes for both clinicians and patients.

With a history of innovation in the use of technology to advance the accuracy and reliability of the diagnostics they provide, we aim to make the pathology services at Shire Doctors and Dentists as efficient and accurate as possible.

What Are The Benefits Of Having Onsite Pathology Services?

We are committed to your health journey, and by offering onsite pathology services, Shire Doctors and Dentists can support you in the following ways:

When Would Someone Need Pathology Services?

Pathology may be used in healthcare at different stages in a person’s life. Testing may be required in circumstances or for conditions such as:

Mothers & Babies

Children & teens
Testing for:

Testing for:


Onsite Pathology in Caringbah

Are you in need of pathology services in Caringbah? Onsite pathology services are available at Shire Doctors and Dentists for your convenience.

Please get in contact with our friendly team on 02 9063 8650 for further information or to book an appointment; alternatively, you can reach us by email at info@shiredoctorsanddentists.com.au.

Onsite Pathology in Caringbah