Intellectual Disability

Intellectual Disability

Health assessment for people with an intellectual disability

A free health assessment is available every 12 months for patients with an intellectual disability to assist in identifying any medical interventions and preventative health care required.

What is included in a health assessment?

The health assessment includes looking at a patient with an intellectual disability’s physical, social functioning and psychological health.

Who undertakes the health assessment?

The health assessment will be undertaken by a Registered Nurse. Following the assessment and collection of information, the doctor will discuss their findings and recommendations with you.

Are there any costs for the health assessment?

The health assessment can be bulk billed through Medicare yearly.

How long will it take?

The health assessment will take between 45 minutes to 75 minutes


The patients carer or other disability professional (case managers responsible for assessing and facilitating the patients disability services) should be present during the health assessment (subject to the patients agreement) to provide information relevant.

Please bring a list of all medical professionals (dates of last appointments, tests undertaken and follow-up appointments dates) involved with the patients general and ongoing health requirements.

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