Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Check

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Check

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Check

A free health check is available every 9-12 months for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. This helps identify risks early to preventable chronic conditions developing. It’s easier to prevent these that to treat them, so identifying them early makes a big difference.

What is included in a health check?

The health check has been updated to reflect age-appropriate health needs. Age -appropriate;

  • Age -appropriate;
    • Infants and Preschool (birth – 5 years old)
    • Primary school age (5-12 years old)
    • Adolescents & young people (12-24 years old)
    • Adults (25-49 years old)
    • Older people (50 years & above)
  • Social and emotional wellbeing
  • Health screening programs eg. Immunisations, cancer screening, early years developmental tracking
  • Chronic disease management

The health professional undertaking the health check provides patient centred at its core culturally safe understanding of the patient context including social detriments.

After the health check, your doctor can create a care and refer you to up to 10 free

Who undertakes the health assessment?

Following the health check, the doctor will discuss your priorities and opportunities for preventative healthcare to improve health outcomes and reduce the risk of developing preventable chronic conditions

Are there any costs for the health assessment?

The health check is bulk billed through Medicare.

How long will it take?

How can the health check be undertaken?

In-person consultation to complete the physical examination components of the health check.

If you prefer not to come in person telehealth health consultations may be available, however the health check must be finalised in person.

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