24-Hours Blood Pressure Monitoring

24-Hours Blood Pressure Monitoring

24 Hour Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring (ABPM)

Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring (ABPM) is when your blood pressure is monitored as you go about doing the normal things you do in daily life. 

It provides information about your blood pressure and how the changes may correspond with your daily activities and sleep patterns to give a complete picture.

ABPM is used to predict the risk of cardiovascular disease (heart attack or stroke). It can additionally be used to assess how effective a particular medication is in controlling high blood pressure, otherwise known as hypertension.

Having a monitor fitted is straightforward. A small digital blood pressure machine is used that can be worn around your neck with a strap provided or attached to a belt around your body.

A 24 hour reading is more reliable than a simple one off reading and can minimise the rise in your blood pressure that can often occur when in the presence of your doctor. By taking multiple readings over the 24 hour period it is useful for evaluating and assessing high BP, drug effectiveness and the influence of activities in your daily life.

ABPM Troubleshooting

If you experience any of the following symptoms whilst the monitor is being worn, please contact your GP.

Do not wait until your removal appointment if you experience pain, discomfort or have any concerns regarding your health.

If you are experiencing issues while wearing your monitor, you can contact us on 9063 8650 business hours 07.00 to 19.00 Monday to Friday.

Can I continue to do my normal activities while wearing the monitor?

Most of your normal activities can be maintained while you are wearing the monitor and this is recommended so that your doctor can see what happens to your blood pressure on a typical day. There are some restrictions though. For example, you cannot shower, bathe or swim until the monitor is removed as it must not get wet. It is also best to avoid contact sports as this can cause damage to the monitor.

How do I shower with the ABP monitor?

Your ABP monitor must not get wet so you cannot shower, bathe or swim while you are wearing it. You will need to wait until you have your monitor removed at the collection centre before showering and resuming any water activities. We recommend that you shower before your initial fitting.

Can I still use my C-PAP machine if I have an ABP monitor fitted?

Yes, you can continue to use your C-PAP machine. Take care to ensure the tubing connected to the blood pressure cuff does not become entangled with your C-PAP cables.

Where do I put the monitor at night?

It is important to remove the pouch strap and tubing from around your neck when you are ready to go to sleep. Place the monitor next to you on the bed or on another nearby surface. Ensure there are no kinks in the tubing as this can prevent blood pressure measurement recording. The cuff must remain attached to your arm.

Will I get any sleep?

Some people fall asleep quickly, some have difficulty. Some people sleep deeply, others more lightly. Due to the repeated inflation of the cuff overnight, you may not experience a typical night’s sleep.

Can I play sports while I am wearing the monitor?

As a general rule you can continue to play sport if this is a typical activity for you except:

Man using home blood pressure machine to check his vital statistics.

Is it ok to have an X-ray/MRI/ultrasound while I am wearing the ABP monitor?

No. It is recommended that you reschedule any X-ray, MRI, and ultrasound appointments to when you are not wearing the ABP monitor. If the scan you require is urgent, please have it before booking your ABP monitoring.

The cuff is falling down. Can I adjust it myself?

It is essential that the cuff is fitted securely to your arm to ensure that accurate blood pressure measurements are being recorded. If the cuff comes loose during the monitoring period, it is important that it is adjusted as soon as possible.

During business hours, you can contact our rooms and return to have the cuff adjusted by a trained collector if you prefer.

Why does the monitor keep taking double readings?

The cuff will inflate every 30 minutes during the day and every 60 minutes overnight to measure your blood pressure. If an error occurs for any reason, and a BP reading is unable to be obtained, the monitor will automatically attempt another reading.

The cuff is painful or I feel unwell. Is this normal?

The inflation of the blood pressure cuff over 24 hours can cause a temporary discomfort for some people, however, it should not be painful.

If you experience pain, tingling in your fingers, notice bruising or have any other concerns contact us for further advice.

Some people experience tingling in fingers or hand during a measurement. This can occur as the cuff tightens. It should be temporary and resolve quite quickly once the cuff has deflated and there is no longer pressure on the arm. If the tingling persists, is accompanied by pain, or if you have any concerns, please contact us.

If you become unwell during the monitoring period or have concerns regarding your health, please seek medical assistance from your doctor or hospital.

If this happens outside working hours and/or you are unable to reach us, please remove the cuff from your arm and seek medical attention if required.

Attend the collection centre for your scheduled removal appointment. Please return the monitor and cuff. If you removed the monitor, provide the details to us at the time of removal. We fill follow up with your doctor as required.