More and more Australians are living with mental health conditions, with 1 in 2 adults having faced mental ill-health at some point in their lives. At Shire Doctors and Dentists, we have the expertise and care necessary to help with your personal, emotional, and mental health matters. Our team is here to help you with practical and effective methods to work towards improving your happiness and emotional welfare.

Shire Doctors and Dentists are devoted to providing a compassionate and relaxed environment for those who need help. Encompassing a wide variety of psychology-related areas, our team is dedicated to helping you manage your ever-changing mental health.   

Issues We Can Help with

We see adults, children, and families who may be experiencing difficulties with:

  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Identity and Self-esteem
  • Drug and Alcohol Concerns
  • Grief and Loss
  • Trauma
  • Other Mental Health Issues

These issues can affect individuals in different ways, with wide-ranging symptoms and can be short or long-term. Together with the right support and therapy, you can manage and improve your mental health – but remember, it has to start with you

Navigating Mental Health Through Life

Your mental health is “not fixed or static, but moves back and forth on your own personal range in response to different stressors” (Headsup). The state of your mental health changes as you go through different stages in your life, and many factors can contribute, namely:

Biological Factors

For example, genes, brain chemistry, or hormonal changes

Major Stress

Such as work-related stress

Family History

Family History of Mental Illness

Life Experiences

Such as trauma or abuse

Big Life Changes

Such as a relationship breakup or pregnancy

Depression and Anxiety

Clinical depression is more than just a day of feeling down or flat, it involves extreme feelings of sadness for a long period (usually more than two weeks) along with a loss of energy, motivation, and interest in daily life. It can affect a person’s appetite, sleep, and even cognitive functioning.

Presently, 1 in 7 Australians is experiencing an anxiety-related condition. It is normal for you to feel anxious from time to time, but when these feelings won’t go away or they make it hard to deal with day-to-day life, you may want to seek help. Anxiety is the most widespread mental health condition in our country.

teenagers needing help

Talk to your trusted psychologist or GP today if you need help with managing your depression or anxiety, or you simply need a hand in starting the conversation.

“Mental pain is less dramatic than physical pain, but it is more common and also harder to bear. The frequent attempt to conceal mental pain increases the burden: it is easier to say, “My tooth is aching” than to say, “My heart is broken.”

― C.S. Lewis

How Can a Psychologist in The Shire Help Me?

We recognise that everyone’s problems are unique, therefore, require personalised treatment. Our practitioners will take the time to get to know you and figure out how to manage your condition and concerns. Treatment plans vary depending on what you are going through, what your triggers are, as well as many other factors.   

Moreover, we are incredibly lucky in Australia to have help available 24/7, and here are some of the hotlines:

Mental Health Care Plan

A Mental Health Care Plan is a written summary produced by your GP, psychiatrist, or paediatrician that assesses your mental health. After this plan has been created, you will be eligible to receive up to 10 rebated sessions with a registered psychologist (backed by Medicare).

 Since its 2006 introduction, the Better Access to Mental Health Care scheme has led to more Australians claiming their money back on psychology sessions. Keep in mind that you need to see your GP to get your Mental Health Care Plan before your first session with your psychologist. For further information, please visit the Better Access initiative website. 

Meet Our Shire Psychologist's

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Dr Rosanna Francis
Clinical Psychologist

Alexandra Clark
Clinical Psychologist

How We Can Help You: Shire Doctors and Dentists

Truth be told, your mental health is equally as important as your physical health – did you know that having certain mental illnesses can increase your risk of physical health problems? Taking care of the mind needs to be a priority in today’s world.

Are you feeling exhausted for no apparent reason or constantly feeling overwhelmed? Do you need guidance and support? Shire Doctors and Dentists are ready to help you with our affordable, premium psychology services. We offer our services to all different age groups, genders, ethnicities, and sexual orientations – everybody is welcome.    

Feel free to contact us here and our staff will get back to you to discuss your needs, answer your questions, and assist you with making an appointment.