Tooth Coloured Fillings

At Shire Doctors and Dentists, we only use tooth coloured filling material. Composite is an acrylic based, tooth coloured material that is made from two materials, glass and resin. Composite Resin can be used on both the front and back teeth, and because of their natural look, they are favoured by all dentists for tooth fillings and repairs. These fillings look and feel like your natural teeth. The result is strong teeth and a near flawless appearance. In addition, these fillings can be prepared with fluoride which will release into the tooth and help prevent any further decay.

before and after tooth treatment

Ceramic Onlays

Ceramic Onlays are recommended alternative to Composite Resin to restore large tooth defects or decays where more than 50% of the tooth structure is affected or a tooth cusp is being replaced. They are highly effective where the strength of Ceramic is to be placed, but a full is not required. Ceramic compared to composite is a much stronger and more durable material, hence able to withstand the immense forces placed on your teeth. Onlays are made outside the mouth by our professional dental technicians and glued on the tooth.

At Shire Doctors and Dentists, we use the best and most skillful technicians in Sydney. We do not out source our laboratory products, they are all proudly made in Australia.


Dental crowns are also known as tooth cap. A dental crown covers the entire tooth like a helmet covers one’s head. The most common indications of a tooth needing a crown are:

There are a range of different types of crowns available

Porcelain fused to metal crowns

Porcelain fused to metal crowns are one of the most common options as they can be colour matched to your natural tooth. There is a chance that the porcelain will chip or break, and they also cause more wear to opposing teeth than all metal crowns.

All ceramic crowns

All ceramic crowns do not have metal copings (internal metal framework) and because of this they cannot discolour at the gum line as it can sometimes seen with older crowns.

Gold crowns

Gold crowns (metal) are still used. Gold is a fantastic material for the making of all metal crowns, which of course resembles a tooth in shape but not colour. They are more commonly used on back teeth but can be used on front teeth for patients who are trying to achieve a certain look.

Resin crowns

Resin crowns are a more affordable option compared to other types of crowns, but they eventually wear down and are more susceptible to fractures than crowns made from other materials.

Your dentist will discuss with you your options before any decision is made. At Shire Doctors and Dentists, we use some of the best and most skillful technicians in Sydney. We do not out source our laboratory products, they are all proudly made in Australia.

Shire Doctors and Dentists provide expert dental care at affordable prices for tooth coloured fillings in areas of the Sutherland Shire – For more information contact one of our friendly team now on (02) 9063 86 50. We look forward to hearing from you.