Weight Management

Weight Management

Australia has one of the highest prevalence of overweight and obesity in the developed world, and this is the greatest contributing factor, along with ageing, to the chronic disease burden in our society.

Obesity is a chronic condition and losing weight can be more complex than eating less and increasing exercise. For people living with obesity, losing weight causes changes within the levels of hormones that affect your appetite.

Weight loss can have positive impacts on your overall health and reduce the many health risks associated with overweight and obesity including;

Stroke, Coronary Heart Disease, Cardiac Failure, Hypertension, Type 2 Diabetes, Polycystic Ovary syndrome, Gastrointestinal issues, kidney, prostate, urinary incontinence (women), sexual dysfunction (men), Sleep apnoea, Osteoarthritis, back, foot and mobility disorders and pain, reproductive disorders, and mental health disorders.

You don’t need to battle weight management on your own. By taking the first step and talking with your doctor to get support needed to successful weight loss.

What information to bring to your appointment

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