WorkCover Services in the Shire

Most injured workers take little or no time off work. For those that do, more than 80% return to and recover at work within the first 13 weeks.”—SIRA

In September 2015, WorkCover was replaced by three new agencies. The work previously done by WorkCover is now managed by the following entities:

  • SafeWork – The regulator for workplace health and safety in NSW.
  • icare – The government agency that provides insurance and care services to people with injuries under relevant compensation schemes.
  • State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA) – The organisation responsible for regulating the NSW workers compensation system.

The initial WorkCover scheme was introduced by the NSW government to ensure the health and safety of employees. Under WorkCover, employers must comply with workplace health and safety, injury management, and workers’ compensation.


Does Workcover Cost Me Anything?

Your first WorkCover consultation may have a fee attached, however, you will be reimbursed once the claim is approved. Following this, your insurer will assign you a claim number and case manager, and you are responsible for providing these details to your doctor.

What Steps Do I Need To Take For Workcover?

If you sustain a work-related injury, tell your employer, and contact a trusted doctor immediately for advice and a certificate of capacity.


What Is A Certificate Of Capacity?

Completed by a worker’s nominated doctor, a certificate of capacity is used in the NSW workers compensation process to outline the nature of the injury or illness, duties that can/cannot be performed at work, and the treatment needed for recovery. A certificate should not (in most cases) exceed 28 days.

This official certificate covers essential details to the insurer, including:

The certificate of capacity is used to communicate your case with the insurer, employer, and health professionals involved. The certificate of capacity must be updated by your nominated doctor every 28 days – this means you should follow up with the same doctor for appointments.

Subsequent certificates of capacity

In response to the current pandemic, interim provisions are in place that enables SIRA-approved physiotherapists and psychologists the capacity to issue second certificates of capacity (in particular situations). Please visit the SIRA official website for further information.

Does Shire Doctors and Dentists Offer WorkCover Services?

Yes, the team at Shire Doctors and Dentists have years of experience with WorkCover and occupational health issues. Our doctors understand what work-related injuries can cost an employee and employer, in a financial and emotional capacity. Doctors provide support for a workers’ recovery by:

  • Educating the affected person on their injury and recovery paths
  • Becoming the primary contact for treatment and recovery information for their employer and insurer
  • Actioning the clinical framework for the delivery of health services

If you or your employee gets injured at work our experienced doctors can assess, treat, and issue a certificate of capacity. All patients will be treated according to the latest evidence-based medical guidelines to assist them in a safe and full recovery.

Furthermore, our doctors understand the importance of communication and will work with your return to work coordinator at your company concerning your injuries, the outcome of the consultation, and appropriate return to work plan.

medical staff discussing with patient

Onsite Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy

At Shire Doctors and Dentists, we believe in the multidisciplinary approach in the management of injured workers.

Our physiotherapists treat work-related musculoskeletal injuries by designing an individual functional MSK strengthening program. This assists in the safe recovery of injured workers and will help them in returning to full function.

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